Triple B Farm/Pickleweed's Sweet Treats

Triple B Farm and Pickleweeds’s Sweet Treats are family run businesses. With children, grandparents, and parents all involved and working together. Triple B Farm makes tea, raw granola, has a small selection of medicinal plants and has various herbs fresh and dried, all grown on our farm.
Pickleweed’s Sweet Treats Grace, my daughter, makes a variety of cookies specializing in gluten free and other common allergies. She uses the money made from the cookies to help pay for she dance competitions. She is a competitive dancer that travels in and out of state during she meet season.

During the winter months, so we may continue making our tea, some ingredients will be purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. All items purchased will be certified organic.

Our gluten free products are produced in a home that does use other flours. We make every effort to keep the gluten free products separated from the others.

We are not a certified domestic kitchen

We do not use any chemical fertilizer or bug sprays.

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